November 12

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Reactive Spring with Spring Boot 2.0

Mark Heckler, Developer Advocate, Pivotal

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Spring Framework 5.0 is here! One of the most exciting introductions in this release is support for reactive programming, building on Pivotal's Reactor project to support message-driven, elastic, resilient and responsive services. Spring Framework 5.0 integrates an MVC-like component model adapted to support reactive processing and a new type of web endpoint, functional reactive endpoints. In this talk, we'll look at the net-new Netty-based web runtime, how existing Servlet code can run on the new world, and how to integrate it with existing Spring-stack technologies.

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Cloud-Native Spring

Josh Long, Spring Developer Advocate, Pivotal

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You know what nobody has ever said to me? "I wish you'd covered even more in your 45 minute 'Cloud-Native Java' talk!" And I listened! In this talk, we'll look at Spring to support modern microservices development, focusing on the things that really matter (or, at least, the things we've got cooking in Spring Boot 2.0 and Spring Cloud Finchley, both due before April or so):

- functional reactive REST endpoints (totally different meaning for "function" here, though)

- reactive programming with Spring Framework 5. Leverage flow control at every layer and make the most efficient use of every CPU when doing input/output. You're going to need every bit of efficiency that you can get after you've installed the patches for Spectre and Meltdown!

- Kotlin. Yes, KOTLIN: you wanted Java and I'm giving it to you.. in libraries that I'll use from Kotlin.

- messaging with Apache Kafka. Nothing funny here. It's just awesome.

- live on the edge with the new, reactive, rate-limiting, proxying, websocket-aware Spring Cloud Gateway

- ASCII art!

- reliability with circuit breakers and eventual consistency

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Spring Cloud Gateway

Younjin Jeong, Principal Technologist, Pivotal

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What is an API Gateway and how can your microservices architecture benefit by using one? What are the types API Gateways? What characteristics define each type of API Gateway? In this session, we'll discuss and demonstrate of the first next generation of API Gateway, Spring Cloud Gateway and its architecture and developer experience. Learn about route matching and filtering and how it is different than the previous Zuul 1 experience. Features of Spring Cloud Gateway include support for websockets, reactive developer experience and rate limiting, to name a few.

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Cloud Event Driven Architectures with Spring Cloud Stream 2.0

Jakub Pilimon, Principal Technologist, Pivotal

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Event driven have never left the main stage, but with the advent of cloud-native, distributed architectures (such as microservices) it has become more popular than ever. But it is a broad category that covers a variety of use cases, ranging from enterprise integration to data streaming. So, how to make sense of them all, and especially, what are the best tool for the task? In this presentation we will provide an overview of the various types of event-driven architectures, and how the different message-oriented components of the Spring portfolio (Spring Kafka, Spring AMQP, Spring Integration, Spring Cloud Stream) fit into the picture.

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Spring, Functions, Serverless and You

Nate Schutta, Solution Architect, Pivotal

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Today our world is full of things that are “as a service” - infrastructure, containers, platforms, software…and of course functions. With developers just now wrapping their heads around application platforms and containers, what are they to make of functions as a service? How does a busy developer cut through the hype and make sense of the world of serverless, Kubernetes, Spring Cloud Function and all the rest? This talk will clear up the confusion! We examine Riff, a FaaS built atop Kubernetes. We will discuss where functions and serverless fit in your world, and how you can get started with some simple demos. Though functions aren’t a silver bullet, they are an important part of the development toolbox; this talk saves you from the buzzword bingo to give you a solid foundation of the FaaS landscape.

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Spring Boot & Spring Cloud on Pivotal Application Service

Jay Lee, Advisory Platform Architect, Pivotal

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What makes Cloud Foundry the best place to run Java microservices? Looking beyond the Java buildpack—we'll examine what makes a distributed platform such a perfect fit for distributed applications. How can BOSH managed microservice infrastructure make life easier for DevOps teams once a service has been deployed? What could operational automation look like for critical functions like service discovery, circuit breaker monitoring, and configuration services? Application and operations-focused developers, Architects, and IT managers will walk away with a solid introduction to what makes Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, and Spring Cloud Data Flow workloads exciting on Cloud Foundry.

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Using Spinnaker to Create a Development Workflow on Kubernetes

Paul Czarkowski, Principal Technologist, Pivotal

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Out of the box Kubernetes is an Operations platform which is great for flexibility but creates friction for deploying simple applications. Along comes Spinnaker which allows you to easily create custom workflows for testing, building, and deploying your application on Kubernetes. Paul will give an introduction to Containers and Kubernetes and the default development/deployment workflows that it enables. He will then show you how you can use Spinnaker to simplify and streamline your workflow and help provide a full #gitops style CI/CD.

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Michael Coté, Technical Marketer, Pivotal


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