The CI/CD Experience: Kubernetes Edition

June 29–30
Cora Iberkleid and Andreas Evers

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With Kubernetes, everything from deployment to monitoring to scaling is more standardized and inherently easier to automate. This presents the possibility to achieve a more effective and comprehensive Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) experience. We can incorporate the practice of infrastructure-as-code and take advantage of a flourishing ecosystem of tools to improve and fully automate our application deployment strategies. In this session, we'll tour the landscape of new Kubernetes-centric tooling, including Tekton, Kustomize, and ArgoCD. We'll also explore how GitOps can be leveraged for CI/CD.

On Day 2, bring your questions about the presentation and join us for an open, informal discussion. No slides, no demos—just a conversation.


Cora Iberkleid


Cora Iberkleid is an Advisory Cloud Application and Platform Architect at VMware, where she helps enterprises leverage modern technologies like Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, and Cloud Foundry in order to deliver better quality software faster. Prior to joining VMware, she spent nearly a decade designing and building enterprise integration applications as part of the Professional Services organizations at Sun Microsystems and Oracle. She has previously spoken at Meetup events, including Cloud Native New York and New York City Spring User Group.

Andreas Evers


Andreas Evers works at VMware as a senior solutions architect on the Application Transformation team. He’s passionate about distributed architecture, communication protocols, microservices and software design principles. He often speaks at conferences, writes blogs and shares his opinion on Twitter.