Data Processing
With Spring

August 19–20
Michael Minella and Oleg Zhurakousky

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Streams, batches, and microservices. Oh My! Data integration and related workloads are at the foundation of all enterprise workloads. They ingest streams of events. They process large batches. How do we develop applications to address these kind of workloads while taking advantage of modern cloud infrastructure to deploy and monitor them?

On Day 1 we will explore the Spring ecosystem from this viewpoint. We will look at Spring Cloud Stream and Spring Cloud Function and how they relate to stream processing as well as Spring Cloud Task and Spring Batch and how they relate to handling finite workloads. In both cases, we will be sure to dig into the newer features that make your life easier in the deployment of these mission critical workloads. We will also look at orchestrating and monitoring these applications via Spring Cloud Data Flow and related tools.

For Day 2, while Radio Shack may have left us, their slogan of "You've got questions, we've got answers" is the theme for the day. Bring your questions about these workloads and let's chat. No slides, no demos, no pitches. Just good, honest conversation between devs.


Michael Minella


Michael Minella is a software engineer, Java Champion, speaker, & author with over 18 years of enterprise development experience. He has been a member of the Spring R&D team as the project lead for the Spring Batch & founder of the Spring Cloud Task projects for over 7 years. Michael has spoken on a number of Java, Spring, & Big Data topics & is a JavaOne Rockstar. He was a member of the expert group for JSR-352 (java batch processing) & is a committer on the Jakarata EE JBatch project. Michael is the author of The Definitive Guide to Spring Batch from Apress. Outside of the daily grind, Michael enjoys spending time with his family & enjoys woodworking, photography, & InfoSec hobbies.

Oleg Zhurakousky


Open source practitioner with over 17 years of experience in software engineering across multiple disciplines including software architecture and design, consulting, business analysis and application development. Speaker who presented seminars at dozens of conferences worldwide (i.e. SpringOne, JavaZone, Hadoop Summit, JavaOne, Scala Days, Oredev etc.)