Carvel: Clean Tools for Cloudy Problems

UNIX computers feel beautiful to use. For every little issue you might run into, there's a command-line tool you can use to solve that specific sub-problem. In contrast, cloud native systems can be messy, complex and difficult to comprehend. The Carvel project brings the UNIX philosophy to the cloud native landscape. It's an open source suite of small, single-purpose tools that do one thing well. Working with image digests? Carvel has a tool for that. Do you want to glue some dependencies from different repos together? vendir will take care of that. Do you have too much YAML? The Carvel ytt is really good at solving YAML problems, regardless of whether they are from Kubernetes, GitHub Actions, Docker Swarm, or anything else. Rather than forcing you into one big workflow, the individual tools of Carvel understand that you need to solve problems your way. Come learn how you can use the Carvel tools to solve the pain points in your cloud workflow.

Leigh Capili

Developer Advocate